Poster frames and price tags

Poster frames and price tags are made of unbreakable plastic. Stable shape frame with rounded corners enable easy replacement of posters. Frames and price tags are supplied in standard DIN as well as tailor-made sizes. Colour versions may be chosen according to a RAL fan. With a wide range of accessories the poster frames and price tags may be used for various types of identification of shop and warehouse shelves, for presentation of prices etc.

Suspension poster bars

Modular system of aluminium and plastic bars is suitable everywhere where an informational poster stand would stand in the way. The system is easy to handle and thanks to connecting and suspension elements it may be extended to any length.

Poster and swing wing stands

Stands with fixed or adjustable height supplied in standard DIN sizes. Colour versions may be chosen according to a RAL fan. Suitable for highlighting sales offers or price presentation where a single frame cannot be placed. Swing wing stands save space and still enable you to have more information well arranged at one spot. Wall mounting is also possible. Sizes of frames in swing wing stands are DIN A5 – A1. Colours on request.

Aluminium click frames

Conventional aluminium frames with anti-reflex protective foil for easy replacement of posters. Supplied in sizes DIN A5 through DIN A0. Rounded or sloped chrome plated corners. Special versions with safety locks can be supplied. Anodized aluminium profiles 20, 25, 32 and 44 mm wide. Special sizes, colour variants on request.

Price tag bars

Scanner bars for virtually all types of shelves. Price tag bars for wire baskets and shelves are also available. Basic versions are white or transparent, other colour variants can be ordered.

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