Deposit systems

Deposit locks help organize trolley parking. Universal use for all types of trolleys. Easy mounting to a trolley handle. We supply deposit systems for one or two coins or special card-operated systems. Various versions in basic RAL colours.

Special handles and trolley advertising

Ergonomic handles meet the strictest requirements for comfortable trolley handling. They combine perfect ergonomics with practical functions like flexible advertising area, integrated coin operated lock or antistatic protection.

Advertising system Clip On

Designed for standard tubular trolley handles with easy mounting and quick advertisement replacement is a suitable alternative to special ergonomic handles

Safety elements

Smart Stop system

Is a patented safety system for supermarkets, open shopping areas and large warehouses. The system located on a trolley wheel limits unwanted movement outside a predefined zone. Smart Stop uses a mechanical braking system, which magnetically block wheel movement and stops the trolley after crossing an activation belt.

Smart Safe system

Is a system providing safety to a child sitting in a trolley seat. Like safety belts in a car the intelligent belt may be regulated and automatically adapts to child size. When the belt is not used it is rolled in a case at the back of the trolley protected against dirt, moisture and damage.

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